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The documentary about Bear, the man behind the DOUBLE RAINBOW YouTube sensation, and his unbelievable rainbow journey!

Early in 2010, Paul “Hungry Bear” Vasquez, a former firefighter, MMA fighter and today a sustainable-living farmer in Yosemitie Park, posted a three minute video on Youtube of a double rainbow. In the following months the video caught the worlds attention and has now been viewed over 39 million times.  

Intriguingly, it was not the double rainbow that caught the worlds attention in the video but Bears emotional reaction while filming. He is overwhelmed with joy and awe over the rainbow, starts crying and finally shouts out “What does it Mean?”. For most people it would have been just a double rainbow but, as it turned out, Bear was on to something. The double rainbow did in fact have greater meaning, it would change his life forever!

That same year, a group of Icelandic high school students, loving the sincere happiness displayed in the video, contacted Bear and invited him to come to Iceland and become a patron of their school. They had funding to pay for his travels so Bear, having never before traveled out of North America, accepted.

Words from the director, Marsibil

“I got news that Bear was coming to Iceland and accompanied him with a small crew to film his Icelandic adventure. After five days of traveling in Iceland with Bear I knew that Bear’s double rainbow story was so much more than a three minute viral video. 

As a person, Bear is somewhat bigger than life, completely unshy with a rarely seen childlike joy and playful nature, for an adult. I found him to be genuinely real and sincere about everything he is. He could be the elder and the child, which fascinated me. Bear has, in a way, travelled many different roads in his past and has had to overcome enormous challenges, some of which seriously threatened his life. 

I found myself wondering how the journey Bear was embarking on would effect him as a person. At this point he was on the verge of fame, money was coming in and opportunities were knocking on the door. Being invited to Iceland was only the beginning. Understandably It was all kind of overwhelming for Bear, a strange and uncommon time in his life which comes undeniably through in the footage we have. 

We need to close the circle and visit Bear in Yosemite Park. The complete story wont be told unless we see where he is today. How has the double rainbow changed Bear and his life? The time is NOW!”